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We're excited for you if you're getting ready to play Speedgolf for the first time! Meeting up with a local league is a great way to try out Speedgolf. The nearly universal reaction from people after playing Speedgolf for the first time is something like, 'AWESOME! That was some of the most fun I've ever had on the golf course.' 

Check out the list below for the most up to date information on Speedgolf leagues near you and across the planet.

If you can't find a league in your area, we have some great tools to help you start playing regularly, along with tips on how to reach the Speedgolfers in your local community, as well as how to approach your local courses with the opportunity to offer their customers the chance to 'pick up the pace' and play golf faster than average.

If you are interested in starting a league in your area or would like your existing league to be listed here, please contact

Speedgolf Leagues:
Portland, OR (evenings)
Portland, OR (mornings)
Indianapolis, IN
Raleigh, NC
Sacramento, CA (mornings)
Prentice, WI
Boulder, CO
Denver, CO
Richmond, VA (mornings)
Bonn, Germany,
Houghton, MI
Bend, OR
Princeton, NJ
Phoenix, AZ (mornings)
Medford, OR (mornings)
Cincinnati, OH
St. Paul, MN
New Albany, OH
Owen Sound, ON
Houston, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Rome, NY (evenings)
Los Angeles, CA (mornings)
Springfield, MO
Seatlle, WA (mornings)