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Mission Statement

"To organize, govern, and advance the sport of Speedgolf at the global level, emphasizing faster play, fun, fitness, and improved performance." 

Speedgolf International has a clear strategy in place which encourages the formation of national Speedgolf associations to foster grass roots awareness and participation at the local level. At the same time, we are committed to the expansion of a Speedgolf International World Tour, which will draw global media attention, boost interest in the sport, and benefit the surrounding communities through increased economic activity and charitable giving.

"One of the USGA's top priorities right now is to help golfers understand that pace of play directly affects their overall enjoyment of the game. To that end, we think that alternative games like Speedgolf can be a lot of fun and also a way for golfers to realize that you may actually play better if you play faster."

Mike Davis, Executive Director of the USGA