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Speedgolf History (In Progress)

The sport is believed to have begun in the 1970's when a handful of golfers began setting and chasing the world record. Speedgolf gained some notoriety in 1979 when former American record holder in the mile Steve Scott sped to an 18-hole time of 29 minutes 30 seconds and shot 95.

In the 1990's, an organization called the International Speedgolf Association put on several tournaments in which players had caddies in carts that carried the players clubs, called out yardages, and did course maintenance for the player. In 2002, Speedgolf International was formed and has put on numerous tournaments since. In tournaments sanctioned by Speedgolf International, players carry their own clubs, usually 5 or 6, in a bag specifically designed for Speedgolf. Caddies are not allowed.

The current world record in Speedgolf was established in October, 2005 when Christopher Smith shot a five under par 65 in 44:06 for a Speedgolf score (SGS) of 109:06 at a tournament in the Chicago Speedgolf Classic at Jackson Park Golf Course.

Speedgolf History <i>(In Progress)</i>

World Record Holder - Christopher Smith