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Speedgolf: Defined

Speedgolf is a fun, fast, and fitness-oriented alternative to traditional golf. The results are clear: playing faster than average leads to more fun, increased fitness, greater imagination, and ultimately, improved performance. It's no wonder golfers of all ages, skill levels, and fitness profiles are learning to play and enjoy Speedgolf at their own pace! 


"I always try to show up on the tee box with a few extra minutes to prepare. I like to stretch and warm-up a bit while I catch up with the other players. It is each person's responsibility to keep their score and time, so I make sure I have my watch or smartphone queued up and ready to go. I get my golf balls and tees put away in their proper pockets. When it's my turn to tee off, I hit the shot and immediately start the timer on my running watch or smartphone. 

I move between shots as fast as I can, executing each shot as quickly as possible, trying not to compromise my shotmaking ability. I usually use five clubs when I play: a Driver, hybrid, 8-iron, sand wedge, and putter. Everyone is different. If I wanted to, the Official Rules of Speedgolf state I could use up to 7 clubs. But that can get heavy rather quickly, so most people generally carry 4-6 clubs. You can also use as few as 1 club. It's up to you! 

For time's sake, the flagstick can stay in the hole. Just make sure the ball reaches the bottom of each cup. If I lose a ball or come across an unplayable lie, I waste very little time searching, and instead quickly drop a ball anywhere on the line of flight of my previous shot, assess myself a one stroke penalty, and keep moving forward. After all, time is a valuable thing to waste when you're playing Speedgolf. . 

When the final putt hits the bottom of the cup on the last hole, I stop my timer first, and then I take a deep breath!" - SCOTT DAWLEY, Executive Director. 

<i>Speedgolf</i>: Defined