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Speedgolf: explained

Speedgolf is a funfast, and fitness-oriented alternative to traditional golf. It is a game that rewards the proper balance between speed and precision. It is a sport that demands both power and endurance.
It's about the emergence of one activity that satisfies a myriad of today's modern challenges to a healthy and active lifestyle. It's about one sport that unites two of the largest athletic communities in the world.
The results are clear: playing speedgolf is proven to enhance a player's mental, physical, and creative capabilities on the golf course. Playing Speedgolf inherently leads to more fun, increased fitness, greater imagination, and ultimately, improved performance. In short, speedgolf is nothing short of an exhilarating athletic experience.
It's no wonder golfers of all agesskill levels, and fitness profiles are learning to play and enjoy Speedgolf at their own pace!

Speedgolf leagues are being added to our global list all the time! Check out the Leagues section for the most current list. If you can't find one, no problem. Let us help you find a way to get started playing Speedgolf in your community right away!